The final day!


As weeks went by, we were developing solutions to consecutive achievements. We keept you updated as we proceeded and now, since the end of the challenge have come, it's time for a wrap up and a short explanation on how we actually combined previous code to solve the achievement 8 - sorting bricks by a robot.

The points we were trying to solve over last days were:

  • developing a routine for a robot to explore space, pick the brick up and drop it in the box;
  • finding a solution to a problem of a robot loosing a brick after the pick up;
  • integrating code snippets from all team members and cleaninag up libraries;
  • speeding up the code by using tracker for briks;
  • migrating all the code to the Jetson.

Basically making everything ready for the demo.

The routine we have choosen for the robot to follow was:

  • look around and try to find (take pictures) of all single brick within its visual field;
  • identify and count drop-off boxes in the area;
  • cluster the bricks into the number of clusters coresponding to the number of boxes;
  • find a closest bricks, approach it and pick it up;
  • analyse photos of this brick to determine which of the clusters it belonged to so that it could be sorted into the correct box;
  • move toward the correct box that the brick should be sorted into;
  • drop the brick off in the correct box;
  • turn around and start again looking for another brick to collect, sort and put into boxes;
  • repeat this process until all bricks are found and sorted and put into boxes.

For now we are still polishing our solutions, but come back to this blog post after 5 pm today - we will post a video of our final demo here, so you can see how it went!

Regards, The GDK team