Fish 4.2

Hi we are "so long and thanks for all the fish 4.2". Unfortunately, we had to shorten it to Fish 4.2 due to blog space reasons!. We are 4 PhD students (Iris, Boris, Ioannis and Teun) from Edinburgh and are spread over two universities (UoE and HWU) with on thing in common: we do things with robots.

Ioannis Chalkiadakis

Ioannis' background is in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Having worked and conducted research using machine learning approaches (deep learning, manifold learning) in the field of speech recognition, he has now turned his attention to robotics. Part of his current research is focused on interpretability in deep learning models, which is an essential step towards improving them and more effectively employing them in real-world tasks.

Iris Kyranou

Iris started playing with robots by programming robot dogs and humanoids to play football for RoboCup competition and is currently utilising machine learning techniques for the control of a robotic prosthetic hand, based on myoelectric signal activity. Her main focus is on repeatability under different cases of electromyographic signal concept drift.