(Great Dolphins Kaboom)

Due to smallest euclidean distance when teams were assigned we find ourselves in this personal configuration. As it turns out this team-assigning method is not the worst and we get along very well on a personal level as well as complement each others technical strengths and weaknesses. In this very first blog post we want to introduce the GDK team so that you have an idea who are the brains behind the robot.

Jonathon Luiten

Jonathon is a kiwi from New Zealand studying a Masters in Simulation Sciences at RWTH Aachen. He is working in the field of computer vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence, with current research projects on person re-identification, multi-object tracking, and reinforcement learning for drone control. Jonathon is a keen underwater diver and water skier.

David Adrian

Originally hailing from Middle Franconia, David has moved to Munich to undertake his studies. He is reading Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (MSc.) at TUM and recently finished an add-on degree in Technology Management at the CDTM (TUM&LMU joint-venture). During his studies and internships he worked on problems in the areas of 3D reconstruction, SLAM, bio-inspired robotics, and feature learning. In his spare time you can find him rock climbing or with a book in a comfy chair.

David's LinkedIn

Karolina Stosio

Karolina has just moved to Munich from Berlin, where she studied Computational Neuroscience at the joint programme of TUB and HUB. She has experience with data analysis, machine learning and modelling, recently focusing on applying deep learning methods to various audio and image recognition tasks. She is excited to finally see her algorithms embodied and in a physical action. When she doesn't code TensorFlow or write her master thesis, she likes to play ukulele, bake gluten-free cakes and hitchhike.

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Akshat Tandon

Akshat is an Indian Masters Student in Intelligent Systems at Bielefeld University, which doesn't exist. Have you ever met anyone from Bielefeld? He has worked across many domains in the field of machine learning, autonomous navigation, robotic manipulation, data analysis, and domain specific language development. When he is not studying Akshat likes to play guitar and participate in English theater.

Akshat's LinkedIn

Lucia Seitz

Lucia is a Munich-based Masters student of Informatics at TUM. She has worked across many domains in the field of machine learning, including image analysis, neuroscience, natural language processing, and financial data. She looks forward to combining deep learning and computer vision in robotic perception system for the challenge. When she has free time she likes to go sailing on the Starnberger See.

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