Volkswagen Group AI Research organises the 2017 Deep Learning and Robotics Challenge. The DLRC is set up in a collaboration between Volkswagen Group and NVIDIA. In this challenge, groups of students compete to solve a robotics and deep learning challenge. Winners will be announced at the GTC in Munich on Oct. 10. Follow their progress in this blog.
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As weeks went by, we were developing solutions to consecutive achievements. We keept you updated as we proceeded and now, since the end of the challenge have come, it's time for a wrap up and a short explanation on how we actually combined previous code to solve the achievement 8 …


The problem of localization of the robot and mapping the environment around is known not to be trivial and, as you will learn at the end of this post, has definitely been a hard task for us.

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is a method to estimate the position of …

Fish 4.2

Our robot has been a bit shy up until this moment and has not shown much of its capabilities to the world. This week it decided to complete achievement 5.

Achievement 5

In achievement 5 the goal is to grasp an unknown brick based on its color placed randomly somwehere …

Nearly done! Achievement 5 and 6

Gripping and localizing an unknown but specific brick



Achievements 5 and 6 were quite similar to achievement 4 which we have already solved gracefully. The only thing that changed is that the robot has to search for a brick that the robot has not been trained on, and which can be chosen by the jury, and pick …

Get out of my way!

Achievements 3 & 4


Hey Y’all! So, a lot has been changed since my last post. I’ve got a makeover which includes my vision sensors and most importantly I’m carrying my computational power with me anywhere I go - the Jetson TX-2! In the meanwhile I’ve also learned to identify a …