Unicorns of Love

We are collection of four souls that just happend to be in the right place and the right time to form the Unicorns of Love team for the DLRC. The name was more of joke than an actual candidate, but it was written down nonetheless. Without further talk lets introduce the four suckers that make up UoL.

Philipp Becker

Philipp's home town is within throwing distance from Darmstadt, where he is currently studying for a masters in Autonoumus Systems (computer science with a fancy name). His goal in life is to make robots capable of removing all effort from life. He has experience in state filtering and predicting dynamical systems from high dimensional and noisy data using RNNs. In his free time he is a member of the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief).

Alex Kolmus

Alex is a script kiddy pursuing a masters in physics at Radboud University, Nijmegen the Netherlands. Most of his ML/DL knowledge comes from Kaggle competitions where he has done various projects in vision, NLP and time series. His favorite architecture is (restricted) Boltzmann machines, his go-to architecture is the CNN and he believes LSTMs are black magic. In his spare time he enjoys running with his dog, reading fiction and reducing his eyesight by binge watching series.

Shayan Jawed

Shayan is an international student from Pakistan studying MSc. in Data Analytics at the University of Hildesheim. He's taken courses in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and his current research focus is on Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving. He's here at the VW Lab because of his passion for Autonomous Driving. In his free time he likes to explore new places and learn about different cultures.

Roeland Wiersema

Roeland is a Dutch student who is currently doing a Master's in theoretical physics because he is fascinated by the complex problems that arise in this field. During his studies he has developed an interest in machine learning and computational physics, which is why he doing this competition. This year he will start an internship at the Kappen Machine Learning group, where he will focus on Quantum Boltzman Machines. In his spare time Roeland plays a bunch of different instruments and makes music. He also plays football with his friends at the prestigious football club Kolping Dynamo, where he competes at a very low level with other equally prestigious teams.